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Hollydell Selects

Hollydell Selects

Hollydell Ice Arena is excited to launch the 2019 Hollydell Selects.  At the Hollydell Selects, we focus on both player development and spring / summer competition.  To satisfy as many of our players as possible, we will be launching TWO SEPARATE PROGRAMS.

Program One - Hollydell Selects PREMIER
Focused on the player looking for consistent spring practice ice with a tournament or two to show off their improvement.  

  1. Competitive teams at all birth years from 2006 to 2012.  
  2. 20 spring practices at Hollydell (with the exception of 2010, who will have 10).
  3. All teams will compete at 1 or 2 tournaments (specific events TBD).
  4. Program cost is $725 (2010 is $600).

Program Two - Hollydell Selects ELITE
Focused on the player who doesn't have time for a lot of practice, but wants to play in a few fun tournaments. 

  1. Targeting squirt, peewee, bantam and midget teams at the AA, A or B levels.    
  2. All teams will compete at 2 local tournaments - targeting May 17-19 and July 12-14.
  3. All players get a Hollydell Selects jersey and 2 hours of practice ice. 
  4. Program cost is $250.

Please direct any questions to Tom Bunting (